Motivation, Beauty Defined and Comprehensive magazines
Motivation magazine is a fitness themed magazine feature beautiful images and stories of motivation from people who overcome a mutlitude of challenges to live a healthy lifestyle. Challenges range from single parenthood to eating disorders and complication health issues.

Beauty Defined magazine is a glamour magazine featuring some of the most beautiful women the world has to offer. Models range from the girl next door to models of great populartity. Featured models discuss thier goals, viewpoints and passions as well as give advice.

Comprehensive magazine is a multi-themed magazine that features only one person per issue. The entire issue is devoted to unveiling a much broader view; a biography of sorts in magazine form. Along with beautiful images the features include life stories, goals, viewpoints and life passions.

Every publication created by us is a team effort between the studio and the model featured. Each model has as much input as they want and often pick the images you see featured. So what you see isn't just the studio's opinion of what is acceptable but also the model's.

The models are also compensated for each and every copy sold that they are featured.

This issue of Comprehensive is all Melissa Lori. Page after page of hot sexy images and in depth questions to learn more about this beauty. Click pic to learn how this issue can be yours.