P. Ellison Photography is a professional photography studio. Our services are available to all persons professional and aspiring models, as well as any person who wants to experience a professional photoshoot. The studio operates a studio in Indianapolis, IN and travels often.

Pe Editions is the studio's publishing company. Magazines 'Motivation' 'Beauty Defined' and 'Comprehensive' as well as posters, calendars and art prints. The models featured are considered partners in the creation of thier features and are compensated for each and every copy sold. Contact us for all the details.

Contact :

Email : pellisonphotography@peddg.com

Phone : 317-503-4593

Note: Shoots for personal reasons are kept completely confidential.
A non-refundable Deposit is required to book your shoot. You can pay the deposit by credit card, or by mail with your check.

Deposit must be made/sent at time of scheduling your shoot.

Deposit: holds your day and time.


Although the deposit is non refundable, it will transfer if you have to reschedule and do so 3 days (72 hours) before originally scheduled day. - No Call No Shows forfeit deposit / late reschedules forfeit the deposit.
Deposit will be refunded if P.Ellison Photography cancels your shoot for any reason.
Regular Shoot


This shoot is designed for the model or aspiring model who needs/wants images for portfolio creation or new work for an existing portfolio. This shoot is very comprehensive with a wide variety of poses. Tips and tricks shared. Typical shoot will yield 300 to 700 images.

Included: CD of all successful images day of the shoot;

3 clothing changes /background changes (up to 4 hours blocked for shoot)

15 - touchups - your choice

Additional edits and prints may be purchased at a discounted rate - Price list given at completion of shoot. -

Buddy Shoot: 2 models sceduled for same time/date

$400.00 (fee shared between 2 models)

The 'buddy shoot' is exactly the same as our regular shoot. So see above for what the Regular Shoot includes.

The difference is the price: We photograph both you and your friend (separately and/or together) for $400.00 That's only $200.00 a piece.

Both you and your friend will share the same scheduled time slot. Don't worry, the amount of work done is really about the same as working by yourself plus it gives the opportunity to work with another person in front of the camera, if you wish. The only catch is that both of you must show up, or the price is $275.00 if you show up alone, or with someone not shooting.

Submissions services to various magazines is an included service for this package.

Additional edits and prints may be purchased at a discounted rate - Price list given at completion of shoot. -


Group Shoot: 3 or more models scheduled same date/ time

$600.00 (fee shared between 3 or more models)

Up to 6 hours scheduled / 2 to 3 sets/outfits per model.

Included: CD of all successful images day of the shoot;

10 edits for each model

Amount of work for each model depends on number of models and setup time for each set, and amout of time the models take to prepare for shooting.


Make Up Artists - Must be scheduled in advance to assure availability (deposit required.)

We have make up artist packages starting at $75.00 . Please contact the studio for more details. Additional deposit is required to schedule a MUA. See link at left of page


Comp Cards services available.

Business Card servives available.

Print services available.